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Tahoe's Movie

Tahoe's Movie

Friday, June 20, 2014 Scott Robbins Comments (0)

It has been almost a year that we had to put our Golden Retriever Tahoe down because of her cancer.

Last year was a rough one and quite honestly summer sucked. I started this video years ago but it took me time to get it out and finish it up. Every time I got close I would break down and cry. It was very healing as painful as it was. I continued to attempt to break it down and cut out pieces I felt were to long. Then I said fuck it.. It is what it is. Beautiful, touching, sad and funny all at the same time. It is 18 minutes and one second. A bit long for what it is but if you new her she deserves a feature length film. Most of it is somewhat uncut. Super raw. The way I like it. She gave the world gifts of smiles, laughs and lots of love. Grab the kids and sit back and enjoy Tahoes Movie.

She is watching with you. Don't be afraid to shed a tear. You probably will. I am happy to say I can make it through at this point without. Most of the time.

If you ever met her or knew her well you know. She was a very special Dog.

Rest in peace sweet puppy. You inspired the world with LOVE...

With Love and Respect,

Salvador Calvano

Tahoe's Movie from Salvador Calvano on Vimeo.

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