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How to Grow Your Hair out Long

How to Grow Your Hair out Long

Saturday, April 04, 2015 Scott Robbins Comments (102)

I get asked everyday. What can I do to grow my hair out long?

Rule #1, DON'T Cut It. Find a hairdresser that respects the fact that you want to grow your hair long and don't want to cut it to short. Trim it when needed but leave it as long as possible.

Rule #2, Do Not let anyone cut your hair with a Razor. Razors won't  give you as blunt of a cut and will tend to fray and lose it's shape faster then shears. Razors also tend to cause split ends sooner since the ends are not cut as clean and blunt as shears. Razors serve their purpose but NOT for growing hair out.

Rule #3, Maintain a clean and healthy scalp. Since all hair comes from the inside it is really really important to keep your scalp and root area clean and healthy. Sulfate Free shampoos will Not remove oils and products that suffocate your scalp. It is important to allow your scalp to breathe and not over condition your scalp or use suffocating products. How often do you wash your face? Imagine if you didn't. Keep it clean. Extreme Therapy Mint Clarifying Shampoo is perfect for growing your hair long.

Rule #4, Condition your ends and comb your conditioner through with a quality comb. Keep conditioner off your scalp. It's your ends that need the conditioning, Not your scalp. You will also find you will get more Body, Volume and control if you Do Not over condition your hair. Use less then more. You can always ad more if you need it but most people use too much of everything when it comes to hair products. Use Quality products, but use them wisely. Extreme Therapy Deep Moisturizing Conditioner was made to grow your hair longer. It's light formula is perfect for baby fine and curly hair because it won't weigh it down as well as being great for all types of hair. Use a Leave in Conditioner on your ends and protect your hair from the Sun and Chlorine if you swim a lot.

Rule #5, Exercise. The more blood that flows through your body the more and better hair your body and scalp will produce. FACT. Besides it's good for your heart, head and spirit. Yoga, running, hiking and biking anything cardio is the best.

Rule #6, Eat Protein. I can often tell when someone sits down if their hair is getting enough nutrients from the inside out. In order for your body to create more and better hair you need to feed your hair with the proper proteins and nutrients. Have a steak from time to time.

Rule #7, Get a Massage. getting a massage from time to time will increase your blood flow and relax your being. Reducing stress will prevent hair loss and again increase blood flow to make better stronger fuller hair. Have your mate massage your head and brush your hair. Stimulating your scalp and head will help keep it healthy. Brushing your scalp and hair will exfoliate any dead cells that need to go to make room for new cells and keep producing healthy hair.

Rule #8, Don't Burn your hair with Hot Tools, Flat Irons and Blow Dryers. You will end up having to cut it more then you want to when you burn it. Care for your hair. Love your hair. Respect your hair. If you do use Hot tools use them with respect. Use a good hair brush like a Mason Pearson or one like it in front of your Flat iron with one smooth sweep instead of going over the same section numerous times. DO IT RIGHT. If you are going to do it. I would rather it be long and healthy and a little less perfect then burnt and damaged which in the end is more perfect. If you need help let me know.

Rule #9, EXTENSIONS are NOT YOUR FRIEND OR THE ANSWER TO GROWING LONG HAIR. Ask any Celebrity who has had them. Yes they are fun for the big screen and Fashion shows and photo shoots and maybe your wedding but Not to grow your hair out or to wear everyday for long periods of time. They will ruin your scalp and hair in the end. Besides ask any man how they really feel about the bug like little bumps in the back of your head at bed time... Hairdressers make a Ton of Money doing extensions so most hairdressers will lie to you and tell you its a good idea. Listen to your heart. In the end extensions are not the answer.

Rule #10, Brazilian Blowouts and Keratin treatments won't help you grow your hair. They are great bandaids for the moment but call me in a year after your hair falls out and breaks off. I will be here for you. Ask Kim Whats her last name??? Who cares...

In this day and age of instant satisfaction, Instagram and a society that is becoming less patient by the second the only way to get long, pretty healthy hair is the old fashioned way.

Love your hair. Respect your hair. Take care of yourself, your body and your hair. Dad always said in the end Less is more.

Call me if you need me. I will be hair for you.

Salvador Calvano

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